Tips & Rules When Using the Best Quality Mobility Scooters

So you just bought a brand new mobility scooter. That’s great! Now you can move around wherever and whenever you want without having to get someone to push for you. With a mobility scooter, you now have a means of going around on your own. Best Quality mobility scooters are great investments if you’re dealing with a disability or nursing an injury that will take months to recover. However, when using your mobility scooter, keep in mind that there are some tips and rules that you need to follow. Know all of them by reading this article.


On the Pavement

  • Make sure you always give way to pedestrians. That way, you can avoid getting into accidents.
  • When taking your mobility scooter on the pavement, make sure you turn the spend down to 4mph.
  • Always be careful when mounting or dismounting when on kerbs and pavements. Use dropped kerbs whenever possible. If you’re not sure how high a kerb your mobility scooter can climb, follow the manual that the manufacturer included in the package.
  • Are you using your mobility scooter for groceries or shopping? Keep in mind that even the best quality mobility scooters have a weight limit. Try not to overload your scooter with too many items. Also, distribute the items evenly, so your scooter remains balanced. Avoid placing your shopping on the steering controls.
  • Always remember to adjust the speed of your scooter according to the terrain, current weather, and surface. For instance, take extra care when you’re going through soft surfaces. You can use your scooter during the winter season but be careful when using it on the snow.


On the Road

  • If you’re planning to use your scooter on the road, make sure that it’s fitted with front and rear lights, indicators, and a horn. These will make sure your scooter is ready and permitted to be used on the road.
  • Your scooter also needs to be taxed before it’s permitted for road use. Make sure you let the retailer sort this out when purchasing your mobility scooter.
  • Always remember that your mobility scooter is not permitted on motorways or in the bus or cycle lanes.
  • Your mobility scooter can be used on dual carriageways. However, they must be fitted with a warning light.
  • Just like driving a car, motorcycle, or any other vehicle, always obey all road signs and signals, as well as the traffic light.


These are just some of the tips and rules that you need to follow when using a mobility scooter. Shop for the best quality mobility scooters Adelaide today! Visit our website and check out some of our latest stocks.