Using Plantation Shutters for Interior Design

Plantation shutters are a timeless addition to any home or office setting. There is something timeless and elegant about plantation shutters. These timeless window coverings are elegant yet can give you just the right amount of privacy you need to keep the elements out while still allowing in enough light to keep your home beautiful and comfortable. Whether you are now searching for an indoor or outdoor shutter, plantation shutters offer you just the right amount of variety and style, so you can find the shutter that is just right for you and your style. Here are a few of many options to consider when choosing plantation shutters for your home or office.

One of the most popular styles of plantation shutters is the traditional wood shutters. A wood shutter is usually a sturdy and solid window covering horizontal wooden rails and vertical wooden stiles. They can come in wood painted white or in wood that is stained either with white or mahogany. These traditional wood shutters can also be available in various louvred, plain, and even glass styles. Just like traditional wood shutters, they can offer you just the right amount of privacy and light control, depending on the type of wood used.

Another popular option that you have when it comes to plantation shutters is the ones that come in custom colours. Colours can range from lighter to darker tones, and some colours may even have special stains applied to them to create a distinct look. These more elaborate custom colours will often provide better light control than regular wood blinds because the specialized stains allow more light to penetrate the room. In most cases, you will only ever have to purchase these stained plantation shutters if you want a more complex look or stain. Otherwise, you can rest assured that the regular wood blinds will do the job you are looking for.

Suppose you want to create a more sophisticated look with your shutters. In that case, one of the best options that you can choose is to purchase genuine hardwood plantation shutters from Plantation Shutters Adelaide. These shutters are made from solid wood and have been completely sanded and then stained so that they can accept almost any type of paint or stain. Of course, the grain of the wood is still visible, and they can still be finished to any colour you like, making them ideal for use with any interior decorating scheme.

Louvres are another essential part of interior design that often gets overlooked. These louvres allow you to control the amount of light that comes into a room by either adjusting the slats to direct it down or opening them completely. Because of their designs, plantation shutters often act as insulators between the warm air inside your home and the cold outside air. By either opening or closing the louvres, you can greatly improve the warmth within your home.

When it comes to these two main components’ cost, it all depends on your preferences and budget. A good rule of thumb to go by is the more you pay for your louvred shutter, the more expensive it will be. However, if you plan on installing it yourself, the cost of the wood shutter may be worth the investment. Basswood is the most common material used in constructing these shutters, and they come in all types of price ranges. Whatever your preference in interior design, there are plenty of different patterns and styles to choose from, so regardless of what you are looking for, you should be able to find the perfect wood shutter for your home at