A Quick Guide to Upgrading Your TAE40110 Certification

Learning should never stop not only because you want to hang new certificates on your wall but also because you want to stay current on necessary skills and knowledge that the modern world requires. There are various types of certification for upskilling, but recently, the TAE40100 upgrade has gained the attention of many students and teachers.


While the TAE40110 certification and the new TAE40116 share some similarities, they have specific qualifications that aren’t equivalent and many learners have opted for the Cert IV training and assessment upgrade due to added features that should help the VET (Vocational Education and Training) working group has necessary skills and tools needed to provide quality service.


When you complete the new Cert IV training and assessment upgrade, you can be an assessor or trainer in the VET sector, and you will also obtain added learning that could be in demand soon. The upgraded certification program will teach you how to become an effective and engaging trainer.



Most TAE40110 upgrade providers will require you to present industry experience documents to help them assess which course units you should focus on. Aside from your TAE40110 certificate, training institutions will also hold an interview to guide you through the process and give you a detailed account of the curriculum and units you need to accomplish.


When you apply to upgrade into the TAE40116 certification program, you will be required to complete a set of tests. The tests have been prepared so trainers will have a better understanding of your skills and literacy. Your test results will help them develop specific or generalized approaches towards teaching since every learner is unique.


TAE40116 programs include physical workshops that usually range between three to five days. Consult with your trainer as early as know if you’re interested in joining the seminars. These physical training programs will allow you to meet other aspiring assessors and will also help you enhance your skills in working with groups.


If you can’t attend physical workshops, you can also opt for online training and assessment for the upgrade. This option is recommended for learners who have day jobs. The advantage of this program is you can learn at your own pace for up to a couple of months, depending on the assessment institution you choose.


Back in the days, VET programs only offered physical training sessions. With technological innovations and increased internet use, training facilities decided to provide an online curriculum for interested learners who cannot attend in-house training.


Now that you have a better idea of how the upgraded curriculum works and what it can do for you, select a provider that understands your needs best. Learning is one of the most considerable investments you’ll ever make so keep educating yourself for as long as you can because you deserve all the knowledge you can get!