How To Earn Money From Collecting Scrap Metal

Are you tight on budget? Do you want to earn some extra cash but don’t know how? If so, then you might want to start collecting scrap metals and sell them to your local collector. Some junk centres offer big amounts of money per kilo of scrap metal that you turn over in their shop. If you have some unused metals at home, you can gather all of them and turn them over as scrap metal. wants to help you earn money through collecting used metals and selling them to one of our shops scattered all over the South Australian Region. Here’s what you can do:

Start Collecting Scrap Metals

This one is simple; collect any junk metals that you can get either at home, in your neighbourhood or other parts of your city. Gather them all, and you can head to a nearby Normetals centre to convert your scrap metal to some hard-earned money. Be careful on certain metals as the edges will tend to be sharp and can cut your skin if you’re not careful. Always use protective gloves and other equipment when collecting scrap metals. It will ensure that you won’t get hurt while making extra money.

Use Magnets

Are you having trouble collecting metals in hard-to-reach areas? Use magnets to make your life easier. Make sure you use a magnet that’s big and strong enough to attract large pieces of metal. That way, you won’t have to go the extra mile when you’re trying to reach for a bar of steel under a cabinet or on the roof.

Segregate Your Scrap Metals

Once you’ve collected enough metals for you to earn a fortune, you should keep in mind that Normetals nor any other steel supplies centre will accept if you turn over an assortment of metals. Each metal has a different conversion, which is why you need to segregate them according to their type. That way, you can give them to a representative, and they’ll be the ones who will calculate how much you’ve earned.

Clean Your Scrap

Finally, it’s also essential that you clean each gathered scrap metal. doesn’t accept metals with dirt or any kinds of residue attached to it. We value hygiene and cleanliness, which is why we’d highly recommend that you clean your scrap metals. It will also factor towards its overall quality.

Earn extra through scrap metal. is here to provide you with the money you need. Head to a nearby Normetals centre today or visit our website for more information.