Choosing Lighting Equipment – What You Need to Know

When planning a function, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind besides booking a venue and sending invitations. For example, you need to think of the stage. The stage can make or break your event and therefore, you must give it your all to make sure that you get the attention of your audience.

With a boring stage, you can be sure that your event will be dull. But how do you spice up your stage? Well, there are many things you can do including making sure that you are using a custom stage, quality sound and visual equipment etc. Stage lighting is another critical element of the stage that needs your attention. This article will focus more on lighting the stage.

Unlike in the past when shinning a spotlight on the stage was a lighting spectacle, today lighting creates ambience, display video content and focuses more on the development of a visual architecture that leaves your audience in awe.

The right lighting equipment will allow you to explore the envelope of giving the best emotional response to your guests. Since you cannot afford to buy all these lighting fixtures for a single function, this is where Lighting Hire comes in. Here are tips to keep in mind when selecting lighting equipment.

Know Your Event Style

Before you go ahead and hire lighting equipment for your function, you need to understand your event style. There are ordinary and extraordinary events. There are also indoor and outdoor events. Also, there are official and entertainment-based events.

All these will require different lighting set up, and therefore, it works the same with the lighting equipment. Be sure not to overdo since you may end up making the wrong impression. For instance, if your event is for the older generation, people will not appreciate strobe lighting. On the other hand, the young audience will want to have cool FX lights. The bottom line is understanding your audience and their expectation before choosing the lighting fixtures and design.

Consider Old School and Modern Technology

Most functions are illuminated using the LED strobe lights, and though there are many reasons to use LED lighting, there are also advantages of having old-school lighting fixtures. When you’re looking for vivid and vibrant colours, the best equipment to have are the LED lights; however, such lightings will create dark shades on cameras depending on the angling. In this case, older ring lights are excellent for great lightmapping. Therefore, be sure that the lighting hire company you’re working with can offer you both old school and modern tech lighting solutions.

It is Not Always Black and White Lighting

It is very disappointing to mismatch the lighting and theme style of any function. However, throwing spots of colour in reception or party is not a failure. In this case, black and white colours represent those conventional themed colours. Using other colours allows you to reflect a sophisticated brand and this shows how fun you are within the colours which will attract a positive attribute for your audience.

Therefore, as you consider lighting hire, make sure that the lighting company can offer you all these. It is also critical to look for an experienced lighting and stage hire company since they will help you in the whole staging process and will make sure that your function stands out.