Hinged Wardrobe Doors vs Sliding Doors – It’s an Easy Choice!

Wardrobe doors are available hinged or sliding. If you have had a wardrobe that has sliding doors, you know that they do not go hand-in-hand with a rushed morning – when you can’t seem to find an outfit that is worthy of the corporate event you are hosting.


Hinged wardrobe doors – www.hillsrobesandkitchens.com.au give you full, easy access to everything you have in your wardrobe. They save you time because you see everything all at once. You don’t need to take inventory of what you have on one side of your closet then slide the door to see what’s on the other side – a lousy vantage point, which is what sliding door wardrobes have to offer.



Furthermore, with sliding doors, should the doors get stuck or off-track, which happens when they are not installed properly or when they are older, you know your patience will get off-track, too! Some of them can be heavy also, and if one happens to fall on your toes, it could cause some severe injuries.


One critical consideration you need to think about is how sliding doors can also cause damage to your beautiful home during installation. If you have wooden floors or have been fortunate to have bought a house that has antique wood floors, you would not want to scratch up or damage your beautiful floor. The sliding doors need tracks that must be affixed to the floor to function properly. It gets more complicated if you happen to have an extra door or two.


If you are going for a custom-built wardrobe, hinged wardrobe doors – www.hillsrobesandkitchens.com.au are attached to the frame, and the closet itself is built into the wall, attached to studs on the wall. Hence, your floor will remain intact and free from obstructions.


With hinged doors, they are almost foolproof because of their simple design, especially if you are going for hidden hinges which will give you a timeless continuous look. Hidden hinges or exposed, there will be less hardware used, and thus they have fewer chances of any parts to fail at some point. You can be spoilt for choice when picking the knobs too since there is a wide array of style, colours and material to choose from. Perhaps you’d rather have hand slots instead which are great for smooth, clean aesthetics.


Let’s face it; the clear choice is hinged wardrobe doors. Sliding doors are so outdated; they are reminiscent of mother’s or even grandma’s wardrobes. Hinged wardrobe doors, however, offer you quick access to your clothes and accessories, making getting dressed a breeze. They also look quite elegant and timeless.