Appreciating the Value and Usefulness of a Key Organiser

An essential for any business owner, the key organiser is made to fit every need. Whether you are looking for a compact one or a custom-designed model to suit your company needs, there are a few things you should consider before making the purchase.

Elegantly shop your keys into a clean, silent key stack. The orbit key by SaintGarde holds up to seven or eight keys in an inconspicuous and stylish design. The leather range has always been a traditional classic in our niche of key accessories.

Made from a blend of handcrafted leathers together with our modern stainless steel lock mechanism, it is a stylish style that grows with elegance over time. The key racks are manufactured in three sizes to fit your needs. Available in transparent or opaque glass models. Each key rack has a separate slot for a metal key clip.

The orbit key by SaintGarde is used to hold keys made of non-toxic plastics and are durable enough to survive many years. They can also be easily removed to provide easy access to a small drawer.

orbit key by SaintGardeA key organiser designed with steel and a locking mechanism is a durable solution to keep keys in a neat and organised fashion. There are many types of steel locks, and they come in various colours and finishes. The locking mechanism prevents keys from being picked.

The stainless steel key holder has an aluminium frame that makes it easy to clean. The locking mechanisms ensure that keys cannot be picked. Made from durable aluminium. You will have a steel key rack with a locking system that allows you to access your key collection with ease quickly.

A key organiser is an indispensable accessory for many businesses to keep all the keys organised so that they are easily accessible at any given time. The key racks come in different sizes to fit your business requirements. Each rack is manufactured with a separate slot for a metal key clip and a locking mechanism.

When choosing a key rack, make sure that it meets your specific needs and requirements. The key racks are available in a variety of designs that meet the needs of both business establishments and personal users. The critical rack also serves as a useful storage place to keep keys for home use, as well. The Key Organiser is the best solution to keeping your keys in one place.

We know that key organisers have many uses, but the main reason why you should buy one is to have more storage space than you ever thought possible. The Key Organisers have been created with both the personal and professional user in mind.

We have come up with a wide variety of key organisers ranging from simple one-sized-fits-all solutions to the more complex multi-purpose designs. We have a complete line of key organisers in several different colours and finishes. In addition to the standard key organiser, you can also find an organiser that has a locking mechanism on all sides.


Key organisers come in several different sizes. You will be able to choose from the Key Organiser that comes in a single rack or a double rack option.

If you are looking for a key organiser for your company, you may also want to consider the Key organisers that have an additional slot to add other items such as keys to the holder. The Key Organisers is available in different colours and finishes to match your interior design. The Key Organisers is perfect for any business. You are bound to find a Key Organiser that will be suitable for you.