Meal Delivery Vs. Cooking at Home

Before, when things were simpler, people have all the luxury of time to cook and prepare their meals. But now, with the fast-paced world, we’re living in, time is scarce, and we barely have time to make our meals. That’s why thank goodness for food delivery Adelaide. It has completely changed the way people get their nutrition. While there have been debates about whether food delivery is sustainable, we can’t deny the extreme convenience that it brings. But is meal delivery better than cooking your food at home? Let’s discuss further.

Pros & Cons of Meal Delivery & Home Cooking

To see which option is the ideal for your lifestyle, let’s run through the pros and cons of different meal delivery service options and home-cooked meals:

Home Cooked Meals

Home cooking is, for lack of a better term, the ultimate DIY way of getting our weekly meals ready. For this option, you’ll be going shopping, cooking, and cleaning up afterwards. No one can’t deny the fact that there’s nothing like home-cooked meals. If you prefer eating simple foods during the weekdays, have the extra time for cooking and don’t mind doing it, then home cooking is the best option for you.


  • The less expensive option
  • Always fresh, ingredients and everything are controllable
  • Flexibility to eat whatever you want


  • Time-consuming (planning, shopping, cooking, washing the dishes, etc.)
  • Requires basic knowledge of cooking skills
  • Counting calories mean you’ll be using a scale to prepare your meals.

Food Delivery

If you have no talents whatsoever about cooking, or you don’t have the time for it, then you can rely entirely on food delivery. By that, we don’t mean fast food delivery. What we mean is a dedicated food delivery service that delivers the most delicious and nutritious food you can get. Most of these companies have a menu available online. So, all you have to do is check them out, make the call, and wait for your food to arrive. It’s that’s simple, and you don’t even have to use a muscle to cook and prepare your food.


  • Freshly cooked meals using nothing but fresh ingredients
  • No shopping needed, with only light meal planning.
  • Little to zero waste.
  • Great if you’re not into cooking


  • Not always available for single serves
  • Con be restrictive in swapping recipes for another
  • You don’t have the luxury of altering meal ingredients on the menu.
  • Timely delays.

Which One’s for You?

So, have you made up your mind? We hope this article gave you some insight into what you truly want. If you do prefer food delivery Adelaide, then don’t hesitate to call our hotline for fresh, nutritious, and delicious meals available round the clock. Visit our website now for more detail.