Tips When Looking for a New Evaporative Cooler

An evaporative cooler pump is a type of air conditioner that uses evaporation to generate cool air. Several evaporative cooler pumps are available in the market, but only some of them are efficient to use. It often happens that most evaporative cooler pumps fail to provide the machines’ cool air. If you have a device that regularly consumes a lot of cool air and requires a reliable source of cool air, it would be better to install a pump than change the existing units. You can also buy evaporative cooler spare parts to ensure that your pump is efficient for cooling your machine.

The parts used in evaporative cooler pump is mainly made from three materials – polyester, nylon or phenolic sheet metal. The three different materials have varying effects on the efficiency of the pump. For instance, polyester has the highest flow-rate and lowest temperature ratings. Meanwhile, nylon has a moderate flow rate and average temperature ratings, while phenolic has the lowest flow rate and highest temperature rating.

evaporative-cooler-pumpMost evaporative cooler pumps are used in small to medium-sized coolers, and they can work in a closed or open manner. For closed coolers, all that is needed to keep the machine running effectively is the water in the reservoir and the evaporator. The other components in an evaporative cooler consist of the evaporator body, the evaporator fan and the shaft seal. The shaft seal is essential as it ensures that the hot air is not blown out from the evaporator.

You must look for parts that are well-suited for the type of evaporative cooler machine that you have. For example, a small-sized evaporative cooler used in a boat might need different components than one used in a small garage. This means that you should know the kind of machine you have before you buy any parts. Once you know the type of evaporative cooler you have, you can easily shop for the parts you need. Components such as motors, belts and pipes for evaporative cooling are often found at hardware stores.

The process of evaporative cooling is efficient but straightforward, especially if you choose a quiet evaporative cooler pump. It uses the principle of evaporation, which involves the re-entry of water into the atmosphere. The process uses relatively little energy compared to traditional methods, which makes it a more eco-friendly option. In addition to its environmental benefits, evaporative cooler pumps have a high-efficiency factor which makes them economical to run. The pumps also do not put any extra load on the engine, unlike the traditional compressors and air conditioners.

If you are looking to buy a new evaporative cooler for your garage or room, then there are several things that you can look out for when purchasing one. You should lookout for a pump that has high efficiency and a slow running speed for starters. Also, check the parts and components used in the evaporative cooler pump and make sure that they are of good quality and good condition.