Known Advantages and Benefits of Net Bale Wrap

When it comes to making round bales, it no longer is a secret among animal and livestock farm owners that twine and net wrap are the most common methods. They also happen to be the two tools which are readily available for purchase. Twine is the older of the two, but it does not make it the better option. Yes, it is true that traditional twine has been in use for decades, but the net bale wrap is increasingly becoming the preferred option for many people because of its collection of advantages and benefits.

Back in the day, a net wrap was merely an alternative to twine, but it was not a mainstream product due to its limited availability. However, it is now readily available for purchase wherever you are in Australia. In others, there no longer is a reason not to consider a net wrap for baling. If you do not think it is a worthy replacement for your twine, then you must read the rest of this blog post.

1 – A net wrap corresponds to faster baling.

There is no denying that faster baling is the most notable advantage of making the switch to net wrapping. It is entirely accurate when you make a comparison to that of using twine when baling. The reason why wrapping the bale with net wraps is better and faster is that you will need about two and a half turns for you to make a complete wrap, while twine will require more. Simply put, you have the prospect of producing more bales using net bale wrap than conventional twine. Keep in mind that by lessening the turns, you also reduce the cost of labour and fuel, thereby making the entire process as efficient as possible.

2 – There is improved productivity with net wraps.

For those who venture into large-scale livestock farming, there is nothing more valuable when it comes to food preservation for the animals than a net wrap. The reason is that it allows double or even triple the usual rate of productivity when it comes baling. If you intend to increase your output and products in general, you need to abandon twine and switch to net wrap for bales.

3 – It is about preventing outdoor storage losses, too.

Finally, opting for the net wrapping method will help you reduce outdoor storage losses, considering that you do not have the luxury of storing your bales in a roofed or indoor structure. The fact that you produce a lot of bales means you do not have a choice but to store some of them outside. Thanks to the convenience of using net wraps, you won’t worry about spoilage since it has a natural water shedding capability that effectively prevents the entry of water and moisture.