How Door Knobs Enhance Your Home’s Entrance

Door knobs or handle is an irregularly shaped handle usually used to open or shut a door. Door knobs are available on all kinds of doors, such as commercial and residential building doors, closet doors, kitchen doorknobs, bathroom doorknobs, car doorknobs, and patio doorknobs. There are various styles of the doorknob, designed according to the need. They come in different finishes like brass, chrome, nickel, silver, gold, and other metals. It can also be personalized by painting or washing it with special techniques.

Some of the popular types of doorknobs and handle are Lever handles, push handles, and Sliding handles. A lever handle is usually easy to operate. However, its design is simpler than push or sliding lever handles. The advantage of using lever knobs and handles is that you can easily control the amount of pressure exerted to lock or unlock the door. They are commonly found in residential homes and offices. For interior and exterior home and office use, they are preferred much over the others because of their more elegant design and sophisticated appeal.

Push handles, on the other hand, are used much like lever doorknobs. They can also be customized according to the requirements of the user. They usually have a spring-loaded mechanism that can easily lock or unlock the door with a minimum amount of force. Push door knobs are generally made of lightweight materials such as aluminium or steel and are much easier to operate than lever ones. These types of doorknobs are mostly used in commercial and institutional buildings.

Sliding door knobs or handles are also available with a much wider variety than the traditional lever handles and push doorknobs. They provide greater ease to enter or exit a room because of its large open space for the user. Sliding door knobs usually feature rubber, plastic, or textile coverings. They help provide a much grip on the door so that you can move smoothly along its surface while locking and unlocking it.

These days, there is also a huge variety of “knuckles” attached to doors at Knuckles are also known as door hanger pegs. They help provide grip and open up possibilities. Different styles and designs can also be chosen from different hardware stores. Door knobs, hinges, and retainer bars are examples of the many doorknobs you can choose from.

For larger doorways, wall-mounted knobs are also available. Wall-mounted knobs usually come in 3d or polygonal models. They are specifically fit on doors that do not have any other way of opening. With the use of an opener or remote control, you can open and close your doors without needing to use a hand.