The Obvious Signs You Must Replace the Vanity Mirror in the Bedroom

A bedroom vanity mirror is a must-have for anyone who appreciates seeing his or her face at all times. However, in the long run, some things can happen to the glass that may ruin the finish and impacts the reflection. Check out these signs that may tell that now is the time for a new Unley Glass Mirrors if you suspect that it already needs replacement.

  1. You see a noticeable crack.

Unley Glass MirrorsIt is time to either replace or fix your vanity mirror if it already has cracks in the glass. Fortunately, a glass specialist can repair one or two small cracks quickly. However, it is best to replace it altogether if there are multiple cracks or they are large already.

  1. You suddenly notice you look different.

Your reflection may appear significantly changed when glass wears down. Some of your body parts may appear to be wavy looking, or you may view either smaller or larger in size. Thus, it is time to replace it with a new one if you appear different when you look in your bedroom’s vanity mirror.

  1. You notice a warmed frame.

There is always a risk that the trim of your vanity mirror will warp as it ages, most especially if it is made from wood. So before it can put any strain on the glass surface, it is always better to replace it with a new one.

  1. The lights no longer work.

It is never a wise idea to put your make up on or to shave in the dark. So replacing the entire unit is a must if your vanity light is consistently flickering or faltering.

  1. You suddenly need more space inside.

If you wish to transform your entire bedroom, upgrading your standard vanity is an ideal move. No doubt, your room will have more functional storage space if you upgrade it with built-in shelving. It can’t be denied that we love to have a little more space to store our makeup and toiletries to keep it all out of sight. So, it is all worth it to upgrade our vanity mirrors today.


  1. You are planning to give your bedroom a new look.

Another sign that you need to replace your old vanity with a contemporary or trendy design courtesy of Unley Glass Mirrors is when it already drags down the look of your room. Double vanity that has a bridge of shelves in between two mirrors is only one among the numerous designs to choose from. With this style, you and your significant other can get ready for work together without any hassle.

  1. There are dark spots.

You will likely see some dark spots throughout if your mirror is vintaged. If this happens, only a glass expert can treat it as it is complicated to remove on your own. So a bedroom vanity mirror replacement is a must if the dark spots are already blocking your appearance.