Things to Know about Stormwater Ponds

Stormwater, sometimes spelled stormwater, is water produced by precipitation, such as snowfall and ice melting. Rainwater is commonly found on lands, such as puddles or ponds, but it can also be found on sidewalks, driveways, and in basements. Stormwater Adelaide can infiltrate the ground, soak up into the surface, be stored in puddles and potholes, evaporate, be transported to nearby water sources, and/or treated without being released into waterways. After completing these processes, stormwater is considered to have “levelled” graded.”

Stormwater is used in a variety of different ways on a wide range of public and private property. The purpose of this wastewater is to enhance natural resources by providing nutrients and preventing erosion and flooding. Everyday use is to fill potholes. Potholes occur when potholes, holes or cracks in the pavement are filled with sediment.

Stormwater is treated by the agency responsible for managing stormwater before it is discharged to water sources. Stormwater that was treated and removed to a stormwater pond is typically treated in an advanced treatment facility. This treatment helps to ensure that stormwater poses no threat to water quality. Once the pond is filled, stormwater is then allowed to naturally settle to the ground.

Stormwater is discharged to public stormwater Adelaide ponds to prevent flooding and provide flood protection. Stormwater ponds are located at various locations throughout the county where they serve as a water source for flood damage repair. These are built in strategic locations in areas prone to flooding. They are used as a secondary water source in flood-damaged areas to provide emergency water supply to the community during times when the primary water source may be unavailable.

There are two basic types of stormwater ponds, the pre-formed type and the manufactured type. Both types use different materials to construct them.

A pre-formed stormwater Adelaide pond is the most common type of stormwater pond. It is constructed on an existing site, which is typically paved with asphalt. The foundation of the prefabricated pond is poured directly onto the asphalt.

A prefabricated stormwater pond is made of reinforced concrete and can usually be assembled without any excavation. Once assembled, the prefabricated pond is then topped with a waterproof cover. In some cases, the prefabricated pond can also include an above-ground slab that is sloped toward the home.

Manufactured stormwater ponds are generally manufactured in a factory. These ponds can be built from prefabricated or factory-fabricated materials that contain a waterproof liner or barrier as part of the construction process. In many cases, prefabricated stormwater ponds are built above ground using prefabricated concrete.