Oral Health Care Team

A dentist also referred to as a dental specialist, is an oral medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and care of oral diseases and conditions. A dentist Adelaide is also referred to as a periodontist because his or her training involves a significant amount of study about diseases of the gums and teeth. His or her supportive team also helps in providing overall oral healthcare services.

There are various types of professionals who work under the supervision of a dentist. One is the dental hygienist, whose duties include routine oral examinations, including tooth examination, extraction of teeth if needed, polishing and other restoration of teeth, consultation on tooth preparation, and dental hygiene promotion. Hygienists also handle and develop a patient’s daily dental routine and prepare him or her for regular fluoride treatment. They make sure that the patient follows dental hygiene and avoids infections by working to reduce plaque formation on teeth and in the mouth. They remove plaque using toothbrush handpieces and encourage the patient to brush teeth with regular flossing and fluoride toothpaste. They advise patients on healthy eating habits and prepare them for daily nutritional and vitamin intake.

dentist-adelaideThe second major group in the oral health care team includes dental assistants, who perform basic duties, such as taking X-rays, making casts of teeth, packaging teeth for treatment, escorting patients in and out of the office and preparing patients for treatment. Dental Assistants also provide preventive oral health care services such as educating patients on healthy oral hygiene and providing preventative treatments. Some dental assistants prepare patients for dental tests such as cholesterol and blood pressure screening, flu shots, heart disease, and diabetes screening. Some also offer basic anesthesia training and may assist dentists during surgical procedures.

The third major group in oral health care team is dentists themselves. Dentists work to diagnose and treat dental problems and take care of dental diseases. They take care of tooth decay, remove plaque and tartar, and treat cavities. Dentists collaborate with allied health professionals to improve and extend dental treatments. For example, a dentist in dentist Adelaide may work with an orthodontist to create a custom-made braces system for a patient, which allows the patient to return to work, school or whatever daily activities they wish.

A fourth group of professionals working in the oral health care team consists of members from the general dentists’ team and other health care professionals. These individuals include dental hygienists, assistants, medical technicians and receptionists. They all work together to provide quality dental care and promote a healthy mouth by preventing gum disease, cavities and bad breath. Some dental hygienists provide preventive dental care services, while others offer routine services such as removing plaque and cleaning and polishing teeth.

Lastly, the fifth group of oral health specialists is the pharmaceutical drug and device industry. Pharmaceutical representatives work with dentists to develop new products to help prevent and treat oral diseases. They also work with dentists to diagnose certain oral conditions. Prescription drug representatives at https://yesdentistry.com.au/ are responsible for creating treatment plans for patients with certain oral health conditions.