Before You Go and Buy Any Hearing Aids

Hearing aids is basically a device made to enhance hearing by generating sound audible to an individual with impaired hearing. Hearing aids Adelaide are generally classified as therapeutic devices in many countries and strictly regulated by their respective regulatory bodies.

There are two types of hearing aids — passive and active.

    • In passive aids, sounds are amplified by a machine, which is powered by batteries. Batteries are replaceable, so the user need not get a new one for each use of the hearing aid.
    • The active type of hearing aids operates on the principal of electronics. This means that these electronic devices can be made to work by using a patient’s own electrical power supply. To function, the electronic device must pick up an individual’s auditory nerve signals and convert them into sound. The hearing aids Adelaide that work best when they are operated by a medical professional.

hearing-aids-adelaideBefore you go and buy any hearing aids, you should consult your audiologist about what size and type of hearing aid will suit you the best. He or she will examine your ears and check for any abnormalities. Once the audiologist has inspected your ears, he or she will suggest the hearing aid that will suit you the best. It is better to visit an audiologist personally rather than taking the advice of a sales representative. A salesperson might be able to guide you to the model that your friends have, but an audiologist can actually listen and analyse you better than anyone else.

It is known that hearing aids help restore hearing ability that is damaged by deafness. However, the first hearing aids that were made for hearing loss were unable to correct the problem completely. The first hearing aids were very bulky and ineffective. Today’s technology has evolved to the extent that even children who have temporary deafness can benefit from the use of hearing aids.

An audiologist will make you familiar with the various types of aids available to you and will explain which one would work well in your case. You will probably be given a choice between a digital device designed for general hearing aids or a more customised and toned device designed for your particular condition and needs. If your audiologist is unsure which aid will be the best for you, he or she will be able to suggest options to you. These devices are often smaller than those available to those who have severe deafness and can be worn in the ear or attached to the hair. There are also aids available for the older generation who use binaural tones to help balance out the sounds coming through your ears.

The two aids that may help you the most are called BPA and BHA. BPA is a hormone that is present in plastic bottles that many of us use every day, even in our foods. The latest research suggests that this hormone may actually cause certain types of cancer, so it has been banned from many foods. However, BHA is actually healthier and may help improve your hearing in the same way as an aid containing BPA.